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Our Heritage


  • 1800’s
    Dr. Charles Browne Fleet, the original creator of ChapStick®, was a physician and pharmacological thinker from Virginia, USA. The first stick, which was handmade in the late 1800’s, looked like a wickless candle wrapped in aluminium foil.

    As jazz music became a mainstream sound, ChapStick® became increasingly popular. You must need an awful lot of the stuff to play a brass instrument every day!

  • a few years later
    A few years later, John Morton, who lived locally to Dr Browne Fleet, noticed the sales of ChapStick® were poor, so decided to buy the rights to the product for just five dollars. In their family kitchen, he and his wife melted the pink mixture, cooled it, and cut it into sticks, thus beginning the successful Morton Manufacturing Corporation.
  • 1930’s
    In 1930, as the ChapStick® name began to gather momentum, Frank Wright, Jr., a local commercial artist, was commissioned to design the ChapStick® logo which is still used on today’s product.
  • 1972
    50 years after John Morton purchased the rights to ChapStick®, The A.H. Robins Company acquired the brand from him. At that time, only ChapStick® Lip Balm regular stick was being marketed to consumers but was a well-known household name.

    ChapStick® was launched in the UK in 1972.

  • 2009
    ChapStick® had numerous other owners all adding their own additional flavours and ingredients such as SPF, until the brand was taken on by Pfizer in 2009. ChapStick® is now manufactured and packaged in Richmond, USA.
  • FUN

    Did you know the ChapStick was used as a spy tool to hide tiny microphones during the Watergate break in. Scandalous!